Some Derailed Substance – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…“So here we are, sitting in this shit hole, and what the FUCK do you have to show for it?” Helen asks as she glances over the class almost ignoring each of them until her eyes fall upon Christian. “Mister Donnavilla, do you have anything to show for your wayward travels?” she asks sternly.

“No miss,” he mumbles as he buries his head in his hands like an ostrich would its in the sand.

“I’m sorry Mister Donnavilla, did you say something?”

“NO MISS!” he cries out.

“No miss, because you didn’t have anything to say, or no miss, because you didn’t say anything?”

“No miss, I don’t have anything to say, because it’s not my fault!” he grimaces through lips of lead.

“I don’t think that’s good enough Mister Donnavilla, because you of all people deserve to give us all an explanation on why four of your classmates are no longer with us! For it was your intrepid map work that got us lost in the first place,” she seethes through tightly clenched teeth.

“It was ME who got us OUT!” he screams as he leaps to his feet and slaps his own chest powerfully. “I didn’t see YOU do anything to stop what was happening, and I didn’t see YOU arguing with anyone about where WE were going! YOU were supposed to take care of US, so if YOU want to point the finger, start with YOURSELF instead of ME!”

“The kids got a point,” a raspy voice hisses from the darkness that falls suddenly down around them….

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