My Simple Self Is A Key – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The blood drops to the earth beneath him and soaks quickly into the soil. He lets out a raspy grimace and clenches his teeth tightly together while tightly balling his hands into fists.

“Y-You can’t be foolish enough t-to believe that I’d l-let you walk f-freely out t-those gates, a-and back into civilisation!” Jared stammers through bloody lips.

George smiles broadly, “I didn’t think, or care to think anything of the sort. I have known where you stand for quite some time, and in knowing that, I knew when this day presented itself to me, as it such has,” he says as he gestures to the space between the two. “I knew you would be the one to stand between me, and my freedom.”

“W-Why? Why now?”

His brow furrows and his smile twists into a sarcastic laced smirk. “Because the time was right, and I am anything but punctual.”

“You KNOW what I mean! Why now? Why when you were almost free by your own hands!”

“But these are my hands,” he says as he holds his blood-soaked hands into the air for Jared to see, his smirk pulsating like he tail of a cat about to strike. “And they have set me free!”….

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