Solid Systems – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Danny drops to his knees and lets out a stuttered breath before casting a wayward glance over to where Victoria’s motionless body lies, while a sea of red grows beneath.

“She’s not going to make some kind of Machiavellian resurrection, if that’s what you’re hoping,” Sydney sneers through blackened lips.

“You have NO right!” he spits as he turns to her with overflowing emotions unchecked. “You DO NOT deserve to live! No right AT ALL!”

“Oh my GOD! Did you, the most hated man in the existence of hated men actually like her?” she asks with a grin broadly casts across her face while a wicked glimmer sparkles in her eyes.

His face twists, and his nose turns. “YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT, IT’S WHY YOU KILLED HER!” he bellows as he pulls himself uneasily to his feet, gripping his side as he does, holding his stomach in place as it tries to evacuate his body through the large gash that is torn across his abdomen.

“Oh please,” she remarks with playful jest as she thrusts a boot into his crouching form, and shoves his back to the ground, which he hits in an overly dramatic manner..

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