Satin Covered Windows – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Duncan crouches tightly into the corner of the cupboard and gently sucks in stuttered breath after stuttered breath, while staring through the dozen or so vents that cut their way through the door frame before him and into the quiet room beyond. A scattering of random tears gently ease their way from his dry eyes, and roll down over his cheeks like an avalanche building speed before they topple off his trembling jaw, while he sucks in a unexpected wet breath that almost cascades into a wailing sob of terror. He freezes in spot as he hears it long before it appears in his line of sight, and he grips his breath tightly, holding it in like a fisherman would a prized fish who tries valiantly to escape their grasp.

“I can smell you MEAT! I can smell your disgusting clean FLESH! Come, save the terror, give in and I will make it quick, or hide as you are, and I will make your pain last forever!” he spits with twisted lips and forked tongue.

Duncan squeezes his eyes shut tightly. “P-Please m-m-my lord, s-s-save me f-f-from the d-d-damnations of the f-f-flesh. I-I-I, I am a l-l-loyal servant, b-b-bound only t-t-to serve your will,” he mutters wildly beneath his breath.

“He can’t hear you meat, but I can!”.

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