A Lonely Place To Cry – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

….As the dust settles Polly releases her hold on Julian’s now silent form and stumbles awkwardly to her feet. With distracted eyes she looks out across the carnage, spying several small fires burning carelessly from place to place, while the bodies of her fellow adventures scatter the foreign landscape like candy sprinkles on a cupcake.

She lets out a hiss as she presses the back of her hand against her lips while cupping her stomach with the other, pushing her innards back inside forcefully as they try to escape through the large gash that has been torn across her abdomen.

“P-P-Polly?” a voice weakly calls out from somewhere within the rubble around her.

“BREW!” she cries out as her eyes widen with alarm while she searches the destruction with a renewed urgency, but all too quickly she feels the sloped edge of a blaster poke into her back.

“Sadly not,” Khar hisses through bloody teeth.

“I-I-It had to b-be you, didn’t i-it?”

“You told me yourself I was destined to betray the crew and get everyone killed. I’m just trying to live up to your idea of who I am, mother.” he spits with venomous rage

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