Daddy Dearest – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“You’re Cassandra’s son, aren’t you?” Sal slurs with a quivering smile cascading across his sweat ridden lips.

“Y-Y-You knew my mother?”

Sal laughs boisterously, slapping Simon on the shoulder with an heavy open palm. “Everyone once your mother son , EVERYONE!”

“D-D-Did you know my f-father, B-Bob Shepard?”

The smile fades quickly from his lips, and he stares coldly at Simon. “Bob Shepard is your father?”

“T-T-That’s what M-Mum t-told me.”

Sal’s lips curl, and his brow furrows deep within the cleft between his eyes. “Bob Shepard was human trash, and if you don’t mind my language, a CUNT through and through. I wouldn’t be lying if I told you nothing made me happier than the day he died.”

The blood runs from Simon’s cheeks, as he stares dumbfounded at Sal as his eyes well up with an unspent sea of tears.

“Oh dear, didn’t your dear mother tell you he was dead?”

“S-S-She n-n-never said a-a-anything a-about him, s-she only gave m-me h-his name.”

“Of course she didn’t tell you anything,” Sal says as he grips Simon’s shoulder and kneads it fiercely. “She wouldn’t tell you about that night, she wouldn’t want you to know what happened to that CUNT, and who did it. But lucky for you, I don’t care, because I’m proud we killed that piece of SHIT!”

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