She Saw The Tail Swing – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…With a callous smile Winthrop releases his grip on the rope and lets Fiona and Emmett tumble perilously to their ill-fated deaths. With a fevered glance he turns back to Claire, who stares at him with tears filled eyes. His lower lip trembles and a sea of sweat pours from his now drenched brow.

“W-W-Why?” she stammers.

“You must understand, we could not have made it with them, they were showing us down, while Amile and her private army grows ever closer to the treasures true resting place.”

“THEY WERE OUR FRIENDS, AND THE FACT YOU’RE JUSTIFYING WHAT YOU JUST DID, SHOWS YOU REALISE HOW WRONG IT FUCKING WAS. YOU SAID THIS WAS DIFFERENT! YOU SAID WE WE’RE JUST! BUT WE AREN’T, WE’RE EXACTLY THE SAME AS AMILE! WE DON’T DESERVE THE TREASURE! YOU DON’T DESERVE THE TREASURE!” she spits through over saturated lips as she clumsily raises her rifle towards Winthrop and loads the chamber. “I-I-I, I wanted to believe in you, but I always knew the devil had your heart.” she says as she squeezes the trigger, while her tears finally escape the lip of her eyelids.

Winthrop’s eyes widen and his heart skips several beats as the bullet explodes from the barrel and cuts its way through the air towards him

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