A Story Told In A Tale – A 5 Minute Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

“I trust that you are telling me the truth?” he says with furrowed brow, as he casts a wayward look out over his spectacles towards Wisdom.

“I-I,” she stammers before clearing her throat and composing herself once more. “I don’t see the point that lying would achieve h-here.”

“That’s because you have never truly been caught in one, have you?” he asks in a more statement like lamentation, than a question.

“I-I-I, n-no,” she stammers as her cheeks glow a brilliant shade of red.

“But you have lied before, correct?”

“J-J-Just little one’s h-here and there, n-n-nothing that c-could hurt anyone.”

He laughs gently, “Those little ones are always the worst, because they mean nothing to you, yet do much more damage than you would ever understand, for there are things the universe hides from your human eyes, things only spoken of in texts long ignored by those who profess power. The truth, the real truth, is that you will never be ready, for your kind can never truly see outside yourself, but if you could, you would see the damage to your undying soul lying does.”

“N-N-Now who is l-lying?”

“The spider, or the fly?”


“There was a fly, who was trapped within a spider’s web, and no matter how hard it fought it could not escape. No matter how much it tore at the strands of webbing, another would always be there to take its place, for better or worse it was trapped. When it had done all it could, the spider appeared from above, and looked down up the damage done the fly had done to its home. Without a moments haste the spider dove upon the fly, and sunk its teeth into its flesh, draining it of all it was. As it did, the spider asked the fly why it destroy its home, and why didn’t call out for help, for if it had, it would’ve helped it be free, if only to save its home, for it was far from hungry.” he says with a broad smile upon his lips.

The blood that had bathed her cheeks in redness seconds before, now drain away quickly. “S-S-Sometimes a little white l-lie is needed from time to time, to k-keep the peace.”


“I-I-I, I’m not! L-L-Lies are n-needed sometimes, t-to comfort t-those important to us i-in their t-time of need.”


“B-But some p-people n-need…”

“BAH! LIES! When we tell lies, we only tell them for self-gain, and if you believe it’s for other reasons, then you are only fooling yourself! But never fear, for all these lies stay with you until the reaper calls judgment.” he says with a wicked grin, as he thumps the shaft of his scythe into the earth. “and today I call judgment on you, for your lies have come home to roost!” he spits as he casts a pointed boney finger towards her.

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