To Break The Rules Of Life – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“NOW, after all this, I give you something special,” Damien says with a wry smile upon his lips, as he looks out over the crowd of stunned onlookers. “I GIVE YOU IGNORANCE TO THE RULE SET FORTH BY HE WHO THOUGHT HE COMMANDED THE VERY SUN ITSELF! I GIVE YOU LIFE!” he spits as he turns back to the pale, blood drench corpse of Rosie, and watches with long lost, eager eyes.

For many silent minutes, the only movement that greets their eyes is the gently dripping of blood. Then the very air itself is electrified with some unseen force and gasps of horror break out across the small crowd, as the pool of blood that has grown beneath her begins to be drawn back in.

“Amazing to watch, isn’t it?” he quips with trembling lips as he looks nervously out across the hushed sea of faces as they stare on in dumbfounded silence.

Further cries of terror scream out as like a distorted animation, Rosie creaks and cracks her way to her feet, while the gaping hole that was tore in her belly heals itself before their eyes.

“WHO WISHES TO BE NEXT!” Damien bellows as he steps proudly in front of Rosie, holding out a bottle of fluorescent blue liquid. “WHO WANTS TO BREAK THE LORDS RULES!”…

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