And Opened A Doorway – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…He stares at the light as it shines through the cracks that run along the rim on the doorway and lets out a stuttered laugh before nervously turning back to Tessa. “Y-Y-You want me t-t-to seriously e-e-entertain the idea that J-Jackie, m-m-MY FUCKING JACKIE, j-j-just up and walked t-t-through this FUCKING joke o-of a door ha-hand in F-FUCKING hand with some s-s-sort of GHOST! I-I-Is that w-w-what you’re trying t-t-to t-tell me?” he spits through overly saturated lips, readjusting his glasses several times, as they try to jump from his face.

“I-I-I know, i-it sound crazy, b-but I swear that’s what I saw,” Tessa replies quickly.

He turns back to the doorway and lets out a loud anxious sigh. “H-H-How does it open?”

Tessa shrugs her shoulder and lets out an audible grunt, “I don’t know, it just opened the same way it closed.”

One of his eyebrows rises high on his brow and his lips quiver with nervous trepidation as he casts a glance over towards her. “A-And how exactly was that?”

She shrugs her shoulders again, splaying her arms out to each side. “I don’t know, it just opened.”

He lets out another sigh that is caught within his chest, as he turns to the doorway once more, as it gently opens before them…

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