Like A Volcano Of Red – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Lou grabs tightly at his intestines as they tumble from his torn form, and tries desperately to shove them back in. He looks up at the smiling Sammly, with lips trembling. “I-I-I, I n-n-never t-t-thought it w-w-would be y-you.”

“That’s because YOU are a blind FOOL lost in his own LIES! I, I have HATED you far longer than I loved you, and this,” she says gesturing to the sea of blood and innards that spill before him. “THIS has been coming far longer than that! For YOU never DARED to see ME for WHO I truly was, just as YOU never CARED to see what YOUR misdeeds did to others! WELL LOVER, THIS, THIS IS A MESS OF YOUR OWN CREATION, SOAK IT UP LIKE THE EARTH DOES YOUR BLOOD!” she spits as she slices the swords blade across his throat, and is sprayed by a volcano of red….

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