For The Skin We Do Crave – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The sky opens up like a doorway and the rain tears at the earth like a million knives being stabbed into the flesh of the enemy. Duncan takes a staggered breath as he lookout the window, and turns to Sophie, who smiles like one cursed with a touch of madness.

“S-S-S-Stop it, s-s-stop smiling a-a-about everything.” he stammers through trembling lips. “W-W-We’ve d-d-damned everyone n-now.”

“WE?” she sings loudly, as she tilts her head to the side and blinks like a child doll. “If I so rightly remember, DEAR BROTHER, it was YOU who stole the words from the priest, it was YOU who spoke them on the sacred night, and it was YOU who sacrificed the lives of those that YOU hold dear for the power HE had to offer. So, don’t drag me into your foolish games, I am but an observer, watching a film play out before them, for I play no role, as I am no part.”

Duncan laughs sheepishly, “BITCH! Who THE FUCK do you THINK HE would come for, if I had offered up my nearest and dearest?”

“Y-Y-You would n-n-never?” she stammers as her face turns a shade a white….

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