A Meeting At The Counter – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“I don’t care if your little computer tells you I’m DEAD, because you and I both know I’m NOT!”

“I-I-I, I can’t say that f-for sure,” Derek stammers nervously as he looks down at his computer screen, and then back up at the pale Mark who stands before him.

Mark lets out a long-winded sigh, and puckers his lip up, then draws them back in. “Am I, or am I not Mark Cidare?”

“A-A-According to the computer, y-y-yes.”

“Good, good.” Mark says. “And am I alive?”

“W-W-Well YOU d-d-do look alive.”

“Excellent.” he says with a broad grin upon his face. “Now, what does the computer system say?”

“Y-You know wh…”

“NO!” Mark yells as he slaps his hand down upon the countertop. “DON’T SPEAK TO ME LIKE I AM A FOOL! TELL ME WHAT THE COMPUTER SCREEN TELLS YOU ABOU MARK CIDARE!” he bellows loudly.

Derek swallows a nervous mouthful of air. “T-T-The computer tells me that M-M-Mark Cidare d-d-died f-f-f-four hours ago.”

“And, how did I supposedly die?”

“I-I-It says h-h-h-he k-k-killed himself.”

“I!” he bellows. “IT SAYS I KILLED MYSELF!”

“N-N-No s-s-sir, it says h-h-he killed himself, s-s-so you c-can’t be M-Mark Cidare.”

“But I am, aren’t I?”…

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