Shine Your Light On – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“The light doesn’t need to hit the object itself, it just needs to light the area around it. Everything else is automated from then on in.” Corey says excitedly, as he looks up into Darwin’s bewildered stare.

“But how do we get light into the room?”

“We already have it,” Corey says as she shines the torch light towards the mirrored plate that is imbedded into the wall. Seconds pass and are soon minutes, as the two stand silently waiting and watching the wall for any sudden change.

“It’s not doing much of anything, are you sure you translated the text correctly Mister Jarvis?”

“FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS D-DARWIN! F-FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS! T-T-That’s how long I’ve studied their language, and I’ve never m-misquoted parchment like this before, s-s-so i-i-it has to be right. M-M-Maybe the torch l-light isn’t s-strong enough to initiate the m-motors.”

“Motors? You think this is some type of machine?”

“Don’t you?”

“Nah, why would they have a machine all the way down here?”

“Because back then, down here, was up there.” he sighs as he points to the cavern top.

“Then why is it down here now?”

“Do you know anything about your ancestor’s history?”

“I know enough to pass your class.” he says with a bemused smile…

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