Broken Promises Before They Were Made – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

….The light flickers violently above them before the glass explodes, sending shards across the room as everything is engulfed in a sea of darkness, followed by many minuets of silence.

“I-I-Is everyone o-o-okay?” Stevie eventually stammers through trembling lips.

“What do YOU define as OKAY?” a displaced voice queries softly.

“W-W-WHO SAID T-T-THAT?” he cries loudly.

“Does it matter who I was, am, or could have been? Should not my question have its own place, devoid of those pesky matters akin to those who judge, and those who do not?”

“W-W-What d-do you want?”

“Nothing but what was promised.” the voice says.

“P-P-Promised? W-W-Who promised you?”

“You did Stevie, you did.”

“I-I-I, I don’t understand? W-W-When?”

“When you were five, you promised me your soul when you were Twenty-Nine, and now here we are, ready to party, and only one place to go.” the voice hisses as a blue flame erupts in the centre of the room and illuminates the demonic entity that stands before him, a snarl across its twisted lips….

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