Sleep In The Red – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“A Shoe? Really?” Kevin says as he screws his face up with confusion.

“Yup, a big old FUCKING shoe!” Conner says with a thrusting nod of his head, and a corny wink.

“And why a shoe?”

“Why not?”

“You realise that’s not an answer, right?” Kevin asks as he rummages around his thick head of hair with his hand, while the other grips the desk tightly.

“There are never really any answers, there are only ever questions.” he says with a wide cheesy smile.

“R-R-Right,” Kevin sings as he puckers up his lips, then draws them back. “Was it your shoe, or the victims?”

Conner fakes a jovial laugh, before rolling his eyes and lifting his jaw proudly. “It was mine, as you can see,” he says as he pulls one of the shoes from his feet and slaps it on the desk. A thick splatter of red explodes from the shoe’s sole and spreads itself across the tables top. “See,” he says with a playful raise of his eyebrows.

“Y-You seem overly proud of yourself, d-don’t you?”

“Why not, they had it coming, and I was the one to bring it,” Conner says tapping his hairy bare chest, nodding his head in rhythmic fashion.

“T-T-They were innoc…” But his words are stolen from his mouth, as Conner slaps Kevin across the face with the bloody shoe, sending him to the floor in a heap.

“NO ONE IS INNOCCENT! NO ONE!” Conner bellows like a madman as he leaps from his chair, landing on top of Kevin like a brick. “THE SHOE KNOWS WHEN YOU’VE BEEN NAUGHTY! THE SHOE KNOWS WHEN YOU’VE BEEN NICE!”…

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