Day 155 – Fragile – 50 Word Story Expanded

“A fragile heart, is an easy thing to break. I give you fair warning, it won’t be as simple as you think to win him over.”

“I’m well aware there’s more than one way to a man’s heart, not just through his rib cage,” she says with an evil smile. He grabs her, and they kiss.

“I love it when you talk dirty like that, about all the inner things,” he says, she pushes him away and laughs.

“Dermott, we have expired, you are nothing, a memory, how can I make you understand?”

“Just like that? After everything I’ve done for you? I won’t be just thrown to the curb like the rest, I deserve better than that, I deserve more.”

“This is not a discussion, or a competition, this is fact, life, how it is and will be,” she says, her brow furrows, her lips tighten, and her hands clench into fists.

“That’s not how it works!” He says as he grabs her by the forearms, she twists her way away from him and shoves him again.

“Don’t be foolish, we are through, it is time to move….” She stops herself in mid-sentence, as she feels the hand gently run up her back and softly wrap around her neck, she lets out a soft, energised breath, then, the hand grips her tightly, and she panics. The hand grips tighter and tighter, she tries to fight her way free, but she’s unable to, she gasps for air, she tries to form words, but the hand tightly squeeze. She feels her knees weaken and her visions starts to vibrate as pockets of black and white flashes before her eyes, she sees Dermott’s standing a few feet away, his face, confused, surprised, but, not disappointed. And then, the darkness engulfs her and she feels the ground come to meet her face.

He sits there, crouched over her, squeezing with everything he has, until he’s certain she is beyond hope and released his grip, stumbling backwards, onto his backside. For the next few moment he sits there, starting at her body, until, Dermott breaks the silence.

“I-I-I can’t believe you did it, I can’t believe the bitch is actually dead,” he says. “I almost didn’t think you’d come. I thought, for a moment, I might have to do it myself.”

“I almost didn’t,” he says, his eyes not moving off her body.

“I’m glad you did, she was determined to go though with it all, to make her move, she had all she needed from me, taken everything I…”

“I know, I heard what she said, what I did needed to happen, otherwise she would’ve moved on to the next, and then the next after that. But I had a chance to change it all, to stop her, to end it,” he says, as he looks up at Dermott, tears in his eyes, Dermott pulls him to his feet and they kiss.

“Now, do it, you have to, otherwise…” He doesn’t finish as the man drive a knife into Dermott’s stomach, he luges forward letting our a cry of agony as the pain rips though him. He clutches his shoulder and smiles into the man’s pale, saddened face. “Don’t worry, once this is all over, we’ll go away, somewhere speci…”



You can read the original 50 Word Story HERE.

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