Day 192 – Watch Me – Where It Ends

“I said give me you’re fucking bag, or, I’ll cut you!”He says, griping tightly onto the blades handle, holding it towards the two women.

“Please, pl…” She doesn’t get to finish her words as he thrust the knife forward, digging the blade into her stomach, she drop’s to her knees, her eyes wide with shock, she gasps for air, as the other woman begins screaming, then, he grabs the bag from her and knocks her to the ground, as the shadows themselves comes alive, and a figure appears.

He smiles, not even turning to acknowledge the figure, “So it’s true, you really are back in the den.”

“Let them go Jules, or I’ll make the pain last longer than you’ll ever wish it to,” he says, now, more flesh and bone than mist.

He twists quickly, slashing the blade across her throat, while the other now falls to the ground lifeless, in a pool of her own blood. “Oh dear me, seem they not going anywhere, mon ami,”

“You bastard!” He screams as he rushes towards him, Jules holds up a old, leather band with a red and green amulet hanging from it, he stops in his tracks, his teeth, bared, his hands, clenched into fists.

“Tut-tut, you really think I’d come here, in the valley of shit, and not be ready?”

“I thought it was destroyed?”

“Oh, your mamma, she kept things hidden better than you, but not from me. But, if it makes you feel better, she held on longer than I gave her credit for,” he says with a smile, as the amulet twists and turns on the band before him.

“The old hag was dead long before you took her life Jules, so don’t think it pains me any that you finished her body’s journey. Now, what do you want? And why did you come looking me? Our past is done, we have nothing that either needs or wants.”

“Mon ami, you are wrong, see, I have a hell of a storm chasing me, full of rage, blood, heat, and I be needing what you have to save my arse from the fire.”

“The amulet gives you no power over me, it just protects you, what makes you think I’d ever consider helping you?”

“Ah, see, many told me you’d say that, and asked the same question when I said I’d come looking in this shit hole for you, they all said you’d find a way to slice me open and feed that demon you have trapped inside your flesh. But I, I said different, I said, Rene, he’d stick by me, when he knew who was hunting me, he’d want to take a piece of that devil for himself.”

“Amos,” Rene says softly.

“Amos,” Jules says.

“I want to be the one, that’s my payment, only Amos, and once he is mine, I’ll feed you too the beast inside, that is my deal.”

“Mon ami, it’s what I expected you to say,” he says with a smile.


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