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Madness Reborn Into Something More

Hello, yes, I know, it’s rare that I post a message to all you who grace my blog with your visitation, well, once a month, sometimes every Friday, but, this is sort of a month end sort of post. I just wanted to share a few words about the blog with you, before I post the latest Where It Ends short.

Whispered Words is a mainstay from here on in, I enjoy doing them, and I think, I think, you all enjoy reading them. They are from someplace deep, dark and fucked up, but, they are emotional pieces of my mind, that don’t find their way out in the shorts. So, you’ll continue to see them for the foreseeable future.

Where I Start and Where It Ends will more than likely take the place of 50 Word Stories completely. I find the whole idea more fun, constructive, and well, it’s just better. I can change it if I want, add words, take out words, hell, I can do anything to it, because, it’s just the start.

Re-blogging, here is the fact, originally I created this site for myself, and my own work, fact done. But, you know what, fuck facts, there are some damn good writers out there finding inspiration in some of my stories and building something awesome out of them, making them their own, and leaving me sitting back in awe. So, I’m going to make it a habit, a constant one, that when someone adds to something I’ve posted, I’m going to re-blog the sucker here for you all to read, because, it’s just awesome!

The Roundhead, is not done, there is things happening, that I’ll keep you in the loop about when I have more info. But for now, keep your eyes out, because it’s going to be a sweet arse ride, I can guarantee you of that.

Lies Of A Broken World will return, I’m tweaking things, I’ve grown more and more since I started this, and I see massive faults, but, I also see other things I can do to it. So, look for that sometime in the near future.

YouChallenge is not dead, just asleep, it will return, sometime soon, but at the moment, I’m having fun doing all this other stuff.

Rewind & Rewrite will be regular, every Wednesday, it might be one, or it might be three of the early stories of the blog, re-blogged and prettied up for you all to read for the first time, or read again, in a more defining form.

That’s all I wanted to say, if anyone has any questions, thoughts, or comments, you all should know by now, I always reply, and, I love reading other peoples stuff as well. So, if you’re new here, and I haven’t visited your blog yet, or like anything for a while, remind me!



23 replies on “Madness Reborn Into Something More”

Cool thoughts there Matt and great ideas to promot other writers to follow up on fifty word stories then reblog them. Gives great exposure all round. I get what you said above too…when I write I neglect blogging and when I blog I neglect writing. Seems an all or nothing job with me. Especially this month with NaNo, rash idea that. Hey ho, blog neglect it is 😱

Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

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Thanks so much, I considered NaNo, but I’ve got so many things on the go, I didn’t want the blog to suffer as it’s given me so much so far. It’s one of those calls, I’m thinking next year though, I’ll give it a smash, or just do it in another month, I was thinking march madness on the twisted roads, haha, who knows what I’ll be thinking by then 👍

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Yes, I know what you mean re time and having to make sacrifices. I started it with a personal goal of 30,000 words. Anything over that is now a bonus. More to do with getting the bones of a novel down, exploring a project and decide if it’s a goer or not. This is my first NaNo experience and it’s proper hard with family and life going on around it. That said, without it I’d probably still be pondering the project. Definitely doing it next year so if you do decide feel free to buddy up for moral support 🙃

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That’s always the reality of all things, my work, my family, my writing, all take different aspects of my life and time, sometimes to find time for one think needs time rearranged from something else. I have a three year old daughter who does not allow you to steal time from, and honestly why would you, actually that makes me think of an idea for a story, haha. Anyway, I know exactly where your coming from, life, the world around us, cares little for what you have planned. Snap a group together and feed the beast as one, always a great call, we’ll pencil in August as the time to discuss this one again 👍

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Oh my, three year olds are certainly intolerant of being usurped by parents wanting to steal time from. And if you did then regret would soon drop in because you can never replace those moments. Easier with teenagers, but never at the cost of family time. One thing I’ve learned as mine get older is to cherish life while they are still with you. It soon flips past. Next year I’d like to grow my support list, not to compete but to watch everyone write. Helps me helps them. The personal goal is always a good starting point too. It keeps things level. If you drop off the word count to 50,000 it means keep going for the personal target. Definitely up for revisiting it in August…see if we can rally up a few others too. Good call Matt.


She’s already grown up so much it feels like a lifetime ago she was our little baby. But yes, indeed a bigger support group, is what you would need, feeding of each other’s creative vibe, enjoying the journey, not condemning it and yourself to frustration.

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Yup, been there myself…first moment of WTF is starting school wondering how that happened so flipping quickly. August is indeed pencilled in and I’m seeing seeds with others that come next year we are all on it lol

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Yes and if we are really lucky….they will be advertising next Chistmas by then 🤔 Still, always good to have new venture planned and things to look forward to…even that far ahead lol

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Good lord, are you advocating writing can be done outside of NaNo 😱 Ideas I have lots of however; but I rather feel January and February will be finding a publishing method. I should have two books ready to do something with by then 🤔

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Haha, unpredictable nature indeed. I can remember deciding at the beginning how this was going to work, what my plan was, what I wanted to achieve, and month after month, I keep seeing something new, something grander, in my thoughts, in my ideas. The stories, well, I still have my bad days, but, they have grow, a few mistakes still escape, but the time I spend reading other blogs, immersing myself in other people’s stories, has shifted the time I spend writing. I used to read a lot less, now, I read constantly, I find new things to enjoy, other people’s stories and you know what, this, is what my blog experience has captured, not only my writings, but those of like minded people, looking to tell a story, in their own words.

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I like that raising the bar analogy. I guess, Limited, would have been a better choice of word. My mind was unintentionally limited by my experience, by the circles I moved in, by my favoured fiction. WordPress be like – BAM! 💣

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