A New Coat Of Paint And A Slight Change To The Title…..

After 200 days, I thought it was about time I spruced the place up a little, gave it a new coat of paint, and tried to fix, the things that annoy me. There is now a generic header for each post type, I’ve done this because there has been moments when I’m no where near a computer and I can’t get a header completed for a post, so, to fix this, I have removed the need for a new header every post, and replaced is with the aforementioned generic header.

The title of the blog has changed just a fraction, Matthew Tonks’ has been added to the beginning, to make it more, well, more my place on the web, you know, this is where all the crazy stuff my head creates will be posted.

When re-blogging posts from other awesome fiends out there, they will be called Showcase posts, and you will be able to find them under the Something Different Banner, along with all things outside the normal run of the mill blog shite.

The site will under go a complete change over as time moves on, to the new headers and what not, but for now, it’s just the most recent stuff.

I’ll leave you with a little bit of a story, a little opening, on something I’m working on, that should be out, somewhere, soon……

 The blade rips into his flesh as he cuts, using the knife like a saw, bloody torn flesh falls to the floor below him, and he laughs, staring at his reflection.

“‘It was the words that drew it in, it was the night that sealed their sin, the devil smiled from somewhere afar, as our hero burned the dying star, whispered words, vaulted sins, the devils work, forever, begins,” he says, the lights flicker, as energy snaps violently through them, as he continues to look into the mirror, the blood drips from his face into the sink, he grins, his face grotesque, ripped and torn into a mask, in the form of a demented smile, that is now carved in his flesh. With a shaky hand, he raises the bloody knife once more, stretching the skin around his eye with his other hand, then digs the blade in and screams….



13 thoughts on “A New Coat Of Paint And A Slight Change To The Title…..

  1. I know I should be commenting on the header, but damn, that story clip is too good. Deep, dark and immeasurably intense. You are brilliant at drawing a reader in and keeping them close. That little rhyme he says could be the basis for a novel all by itself.

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    1. Haha, thanks, I’m a lot prouder of the story that the headers, the messing about I had to do just wasn’t working for me, I feel relieved now that I have a simple generic header. And the story, well, it’s the lead in to something that I’m hoping will be ready to rumble before the end of the year. I’ll keep everyone up to date, once I get the final edit and proof done… blah, I hate having shite edited and proofed, isn’t it good enough the way it is? People are so god damn incessant… hmmm

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      1. Ah, such is the curse of being a writer. All the little housekeeping hoops we have to jump through when all we want is to gallop wild and free. But… but, after a year of flailing around, I have finally cracked the synopsis code. And I feel this weird sense of satisfaction when I find a grammatical error. Have I fallen by the wayside?

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      2. Ah yes, to run wild into the great open plains of the lands before us, what a dream. But yes, it is what we curse ourselves with, to write, for a reason to believe, that one day, we can accomplish something that will stand in front of people and they will go, my gosh, my word, that was simply breathtaking… Haha my words will never encourage that, but they will encourage sleepless night of wondering, what is in the shadows of your room while you sleep, watching you, waiting, for the time, when their moment will be upon us. Grammatical errors are like fodder sometimes, when I have time to edit I’m always happy with myself, other times when I’m reading one of my stories from a few days ago, I cringe when they appear, foul demons. Growth, is what we all achieve here, confidence and clarity, although some, harness insanity and, it works 👍

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