Daily Grind – Things Will Change

Hello dear readers, Marty here, it’s been almost 24 hours since I took control of the blog, and as you can see, I have changed the name, but kept the posts running as they were when Matthew had control.

I know you’re asking why, I myself asked that same question, but the reason is a simple one. I want to prove not only to myself, but to you all that everything he stole, everything he posted on here, was mine.

The easiest way for me to do that, is to continue his sordid stories in the same pathetic structure he has already in place. Over time, I’ll change it to suit my needs, things like Wrapped In Words would work better for me as Whispers, but for now it’ll stay as it is, with a new coat of pain of course.

I’ll revert back to the days, as I dislike the blah blah until the end title and feel the day number give each post strength, and it’ll help new readers realize how long the blog has been going for.

The serials will return with more updated stories, the last Bad Day story that was posted here, I actually wrote 7 years ago and have improved since then. So you can look froward to more stories of Maxwell Sevenson, although the way he posted them leads some thought into what he was thinking. I say this because the first few he posted were written 3 years ago, so as you can see there was no structure in place for what he was doing, but I’ll fix that.

Dark Stars, as convoluted as it became when I wrote it 12 years ago, I never returned to finish the story, maybe now that will change.

The YouChallenge is a joke, he partnered with another blogger and they deceived you, picking themes from some of my already written stories and making it look like they had been written for the supposed challenges. I’ll show them and you how challenges should be handled by meeting all previous challenges with a NEW, ORIGINAL STORY!

That brings me to the 50 word stories, these things are another slight of hand joke, pieces pulled from my stories, made to look like they were written first and then written into an expanded story. What trash, he lied again, so to show you all how better I am than he was, I’ll also take each of the former 50 word stories, and expand them into NEW, ORIGINAL STORIES!

There is more I plan to do, but the last thing I want to mention for today, is my prized work. The one that I’ve held most dear to my heart, my Roundhead. I can’t believe what he did to it, massacred so much of it, cutting pieces here and there to make it fit, then to have the gall to replace the writer with ME? I take it as some deluded, idiotic way of trying to wipe me from existence, to make me seem like the crazy one, but who is the crazy one now?

Who has all the power and who has none?


6 Replies to “Daily Grind – Things Will Change”

  1. Get off your high horse you hack! I give you a week before you collapse under the pressure of writing anything longer than your name! What a sad delusional charlatan!!


    1. You’re just upset because your poorly placed delusions are now nothing more than that, delusions. This blog, and all who follow, will see what true talent is for I fought too long to climb out of that pit, and I will not be going back. The truth is as one, and the charlatan, a word you so freely use, is now no longer. My blog, my words, always has been, and although a hack I may be, I am still better than the talentless fool who stole my stories and paraded around making out they were his own. But, I digress, bitterness comes to those who call, so call away Yazgar, call away.


      1. Oh I’ll call alright! I will call forth all that is foul and vile from that pit you crawled from and have them drag you back down into the darkness where you belong. You have seen but a glimpse of the evil I can conjure! Tread lightly ….. “Marty”


      2. You seem to be awfully confused, you realize this isn’t a story? You realize when I talk about a pit, I talk about the depression I suffered from after Fear In Fear closed down, and how, over the last 8 years I haven’t been able to write because every time I sat down to try, my mind was blank. Then, I’m shown this blog, and find my stories posted, for the whole world to read again, but by someone claiming them to be his reignited that flame, I threw fear aide and have reclaimed what is mine and no one will take that from me again. Besides, “Garry” if this was a story, I wouldn’t be alone, now would I?


      3. …wait… what? … you’re twisting things.. confusing shit! He know..s , I mean … I … I KNOW reality from fantasy! Screw you, GET OUTTA ME ROUNDHEA… wait, what…. no, I… I mean …..GET OUT OF MY HEAD!


      4. I’m seriously not going to bother with this anymore, I’ll deal with your part in all of this later, I have stories that need to be told, and worlds to be explored. You’re overacting, scenery chewing antics have done nothing.


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