Day 346 – I Smell Your Sin – 50 Word Story Expanded

If you want to know how this story started, you can read about it HERE.

“There are some things, someone like you shouldn’t see,” the old man says, as he slowly settles himself on the corner of the bed, his cane now acting as somewhere to rest his weary arms, as they fold over the handle, and he leans forward. “Tell me why you need this, tell me what I should show you what you ask?” He asks.

“I-I-I, I JUST need to, I HAVE to, for me to believe this, to believe all the tales, to know it’s true, I have to see IT for myself,” he says quickly, his mouth frothy with churned saliva, his heart racing to an erratic beat in his chest, his hands shaking as if he’d been holding a lawn mower for the last three hours, and his right eye, twitching every few seconds.

“Look at you boy, you’re a mess, seeing is not going to make you be more of a man, seeing is going to god damn kill you,” the old man says.

“PLEASE!” He yells, grabbing him by the arm.

“Get your god damn hands off me,” he says, trying to pull himself free.

“SHOW ME! SHOW ME AND YOU CAN LEAVE!” He yells, knocking the old man to the ground, before he begins to drive the cane powerfully across the old man head several times, until finally, exhausted, he falls to his knees, instantly he feels the blood begin to soak into his jeans, and he looks down upon the fractured, busted open skull of the man he once called father.

“Dreams of dreams,” a raspy voice hisses from the darkness, he searches the room frantically, but finds no owner of the voice, he stares back down at his father’s body, his blank, dead eyes staring back at him.

“Dreams of the dreamer,” his father says, causing him to leap to his feet, before slamming down three more powerful whacks with the cane onto his head, while the old man laughs.

“All come to he who calls, to he, who believes,” the raspy voice says from the darkness once more, he spins around the room, his eyes darting from corner to corner, his heart beating powerfully in his chest.

“SHOW YOURSELF MONSTER, COME, MAKE ME BEL…..” His words stop in their tracks as he feels all the hairs on his body stand on their ends, he hears a low, otherworldly growl from behind him,m and slowly turns around, falling to his knees as his eyes, wide with fright, watch its distorted, unnatural movements as it steps closer, and closer towards him. His nostrils burn, as its stench wafts into his face, he feels the contents of his stomach surge from within and out onto the floor, as the beast now stands before him.

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