Day 346 – I Smell Your Sin – 50 Word Story

As Fear In Fear Magazine headed towards, what was at the time an unknown end, I began working on something that would be what I consider my masterpiece, a story so complex, so ahead of it’s time, it never really had the chance to become what it truly needed to.

Issue 472 featured one of the many incognito preludes to a greater story we were planning to dedicate several future issues to, but unfortunately, five months later, before I had finished the story, Fear In Fear Magazine was no more, Deadhead never saw the light of day, and I began a journey that would take several years of my life.

So, with all that said, Matthew’s next 50 word story were taken from a short I originally I Smell Your Sin, this short was one of the first, larger than life viewings of the dreaded Deadhead, a creature who had, up until that stage only been mentioned in the dozen or so shorts I had somehow included it in. The 50 word story that was posted, went like this.


His eyes, wide with fright, watch its distorted, unnatural movements as it steps closer, and closer towards him. His nostrils burn, as its stench wafts into his face, he feels the contents of his stomach surge from within and out onto the floor, as the beast now stands before him.


Now, I have to be honest here, the work I did on the Deadhead was some of the most personal work I’ve every done, and where some of the stories came from, was a place I seldom visit, so to have this before me, to have this challenge of rewriting  a new story around these words, is very surreal, but in saying that I can assure you I will produce something new for you all.

If you want to read he so called original expanded version Matthew posed under the name Stench, you can read it HERE. Also, if you feel inspired to write something using the 50 word story, please, by all means do so, and make sure you let me know so I can showcase it on the blog.



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