Don’t Confuse My Death With Your Depression

 Slot my wrists,

now it’s done,

my spirit free,

my marathon run,

the next step begins,

I see the light,

I speak its words,

I call the night,

sinners sin,

witches weave,

and now they see,

I’m both of these,

I close the gate,

I seal us in,

now cursed to walk,

this hollowed word,

where death is dead,

and heaven is now in hell!

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9 Replies to “Don’t Confuse My Death With Your Depression”

      1. Growing, becoming, jumping from a cliff would be child’s play, but, this transition, it’s the natural order, the challenge of something, of nirvana 👍 I’m excited to see where this leads, I think you guys each compliment the story, and in a way each other so well, it’s a brilliant format.

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