Don’t Confuse My Death With Your Depression

 Slot my wrists,

now it’s done,

my spirit free,

my marathon run,

the next step begins,

I see the light,

I speak its words,

I call the night,

sinners sin,

witches weave,

and now they see,

I’m both of these,

I close the gate,

I seal us in,

now cursed to walk,

this hollowed word,

where death is dead,

and heaven is now in hell!

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  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    I really love the title
    And of course the piece

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    1. Thanks, I think it encompasses the idea inside the words more than the words themselves.


  2. Damn, how beautifully this hangs off the title.

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    1. It tells a story of its own, yet not, a story beyond the words of the poem, a secret hidden within, no one can die when death is no more.

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      1. True enough. I like how it curls around your latest post too. Interesting times on the Twisted Roads.

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      2. A theme of sickness rides shotgun towards a fate only the roads themselves knows. Loved the opening chapter of season 2 by the way, snuck that out there 👍

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      3. Feels like Season 2 is gonna be a wild ride. When did we jump off the cliff, mate? A year ago I thought I was in charge of something.

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      4. Growing, becoming, jumping from a cliff would be child’s play, but, this transition, it’s the natural order, the challenge of something, of nirvana 👍 I’m excited to see where this leads, I think you guys each compliment the story, and in a way each other so well, it’s a brilliant format.

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      5. To challenge the idea of nirvana, now that’s a scary thing. Fits with your current thinking though. What’s left of samsara if there is no nirvana? We exist in the space between opposites.
        I’m excited to see where we’re both going, mate.

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