What Awaits Around The Corner Of Ones Mind

 Simplistic days,

darker nights,

my life seems full,

and empty,

what waits around the corner,

what lurks in the shadows of ones mind,



time is no friend,

you hunt,

you stalk,

you whisper,

you stand,

breathe me in,

and I’ll burn you,

from the inside..:

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5 Replies to “What Awaits Around The Corner Of Ones Mind”

  1. One of the things I find so fascinating and so all consuming about your writing is the delicious ambiguity in regards to what you within the piece represents. Is it a stalker having an inner monologue? Or perhaps döppelganger screaming at the other self in the mirror? Or perhaps whatever vice or bliss one spoils self by – perhaps a perfect shot of single malt whiskey or even freshly pulled espresso? In the end it matters not for once the journey is completed one feels invigorated beyond!

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    1. Thank you my friend, the many avenues that one can take its mind on a wickedly walk through the night, letting your mind sing to you of visions, of places and faces, of acts and lies, what webs we weave beneath our skin, behind our eyes.

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