50 Word Story – We Are Our Past

“That’s what happened, the whole story,” Keith says, wiping the tears from his face.

”I-I-I, I never realised that’s why you hated Christmas so much. Oh Keith, I’m so sorry,” Donna says, placing a hand on his.

”Don’t be, it made me who I am today,” He says, smiling wryly.

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  1. Not easy to do but nice when it works – as here. Thought you might like my latest 100 word effort. I’m always writing them.


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    1. I like the infinite possibilities that come with super short stories, I enjoy taking them somewhere else as well. The chance to twist something twisted to an even more deserving path is always fun. I love your piece, you capture a moment so many of us are familiar with, and add broader moment, a more relatable moment we can all feel, before his words said what the world new it had to hear.

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      1. Thanks for reading and responding, Matthew. And super short stories are exhilarating to write because there’s no room for error. They seem to suit our hair-raising times …

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