Boiling Seas – Short Story

“This whole patience bullshit is growing thin. I say we strike now, while the iron is proverbially hot. They won’t be expecting any retaliation, they won’t b….” He stop mid-sentence as Darrias raises his hand commandingly.
“There will be no retaliation. We will not endanger any more of our people.”
“You can’t just sit there and allow them to walk over us like we are nothing! We need to show strength! We need to flex ou…”
“WE NEED DO NOTHING!” Darrias says loudly as he gets to his feet, casting a vicious glance at Fennic. “Those days are coming to an end, and soon we will have no choice but to share our lands with the demons from beneath our feet. We need keep our people alive now, not sully their kin with blood that needn’t be spilt. Tomorrow we four ride to the far away lands. Tomorrow we brand our blood with the beasts name and forever sire a new world, a new tomorrow where blood does not flow in the streets as it does now. I need you with me Fennic. I need your clan by my side when I forge the eternal bond. You must look past all you have lost, and look at what you still have,” Darrias says.
Fennic looks around at the fear filled eyes of the men who sit around the King’s table with him, and then rests his eyes on Darrias.
“I have nothing but my pain, and the scars of yesterday. But I will ride with you tomorrow, and I will allow this blood pact to take place. Though know this my liege, when the day comes and I see that yellow eyed demon who stole my wife and child from me, I will kill it and anything or anyone who tries to stop me. Do you understand?”
“Fear not my brother, for when that day come I will be by your side covered in its blood,” Darrias says as he digs his fists into the table.

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