Making Waves – Short Story

“Don’t be another statistics Jordan. Come with me, and I will give you a place you can call home.”
“But at what price?”
“Everything in life has a price, even living. All I ask from you is your company, nothing more, nothing less.”
“And if I choose not to, what happens then?”
He smiles wryly, “I leave you here and what will be, will be.”
“And what will be?” Jordan asks.
“Why would you assume that I would know what will be if I leave you here? Your fate could go many different ways from here, a million or more I’m sure. Although if I was to be honest, which I believe you wish me to be, I’d say your life expectancy will be quite low. Probability wise though, I’d say you’ll be dead before the end the day, if not within an hour or so.”
“So basically you’re saying the only way to survive this day, is to lay my trust with you?”
“I am not saying that, for I do not wish to make this about living or dying. This is about us, this is about undeniable feelings passing between us. I want to know that we are both venturing towards something unbelievable, something wonderful, something true. If the threat of death was waived above the choice, then how could I truly know you chose me?”
Jordan looks curiously at Evan, studying his face intently, letting the wrinkles and lines guide him like roads on a map, until he comes to rest on his eyes.
“I-I-I, I can’t give you the answer you want, I-I-I, I’d be only choosing you because I don’t want to die,” Jordan says as he looks to the ground, his face red with embarrassment.
Evan laughs and places a firm hand on Jordan’s shoulder and squeezes. “The fact that you believed what I just said, makes you even more
Irresistible,” he says as he presses his lips against Jordan’s ear. “I don’t care why you come with me, I just want you in my bed. You just have to decide if you want that as well, or if you want to die,” he whispers his ear.

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  1. James says:

    Well that’s a difficult situation. Later does Jordan get to use the #MeToo hashtag?

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