On Winds Of Blood – Short Story

Harrow slowly places his hands in the air and smiles broadly. “Well ain’t that a kick in the vagina,” he says allowing a nervous raspy laugh to escape his lips.

“I told you I’d be standing here one day,” Nesbit says as he tightens his grip on the revolver.

“I never argued that, if you remember. We have been bound by our birth as we are bound by our death.”

“DON’T!” Nesbit yells as he thrust the revolver towards him aggressively. “You don’t need to exaggerate your fucking story any more than you already have, okay! You knew as well as I did that when you killed Diana it was only a matter of time before it was going to be me and you, so don’t piss on my parade anymore than you’ve already done. I tracked you down. I backed you into this corner. I AM THE TRIUMPHANT ONE, NOT YOU! Now drop to the ground with your hands locked behind your head, or so help me I’ll spilt the back of your skull open with a bullet!”

Harrow drops to his knees and locks his hands together behind his head and slowly lowers himself to the ground. “Just promise me you’ll be gentle, I’ve never been with a man before,” he says letting out another raspy whine of a laugh. Nesbit is quickly upon him and drives a knee into Harrow’s back, locking a set of handcuffs around each of his wrists. Digging the knee deeper into Harrow’s back Nesbit leans down to his ear.

“For the reaper sowed a sea of red upon the sail of the mighty ship Sanderas. As it sailed through the seas of the dead the red flowed from the fabric and filled the ship with the blood of sin. The captain and his crew perished, but not before a wish was made and a deal was struck that gave the bitter captain eternal damnation, a damnation he would never be free of. Of course at first the captain never saw it as a curse did he, he saw it as a blessing…”

“W-W-What the hell does this have to do with y-y-you and I?” Harrow asks confused.

“Oh nothing that matters to you,” Nesbit says as he places the guns barrel against the back of Harrow’s skull. “I just felt the need to share,” he says as he squeezes the trigger.

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