Short Story

A Random Puzzle Piece – Short Story

“Let’s go back to the beginning, before you saw the two of them on the street. Tell me what happened after you walked out the gate,” says a poorly shaven overweight man with dried mustard in the corner of his mouth.

“I-I, I walked out the gate tightly holding Abby’s lead, she gets excited sometimes, a real retard around other dogs. Clare and Saffy followed a few moments later and we proceeded to walk up towards Mount Street. It was like it always was, the usual banter between the two. I mean they’re both cut from the same cloth so their conversations sometimes bordered into the realm of nonsensical blabbering. It was just before the football grounds when I saw them. I-I don’t know why I noticed them at first, but it became apparent as we drew closer to each other that they were starting towards me,” he takes a shallow breath before biting down on his bottom lip.

“Tell me about the interaction you had with them when you knew they were watching you, what did you say to them?”

“I-I said nothing , l-l-like I told you before. I noticed they were looking at me and then it all went sideways very quickly. They kept walking away from me, but still stared with piercing eyes that seemed to glow in the night light, it was then that I noticed they seemed to soak into the darkness of the street and then look as if they glided across the road, toward my, my…” his lip trembles as he stares vacantly at the floor.

“And this is when they attacked?”

He stares silently ignoring the question as if it had never been asked.

“Mister Towns!” The man asks sternly, forcing Marty out of his stupor, and he looks up into the man’s empty blank eyes.

“Tell me what happened next?” He asks.

“It came and we all died?” Marty says as a tear rubs down his cheek. 

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