Yet Here We Stand – Short Story

“The persistence of time is something neither of us are well know for, you could say we enjoy the entanglement of what is and what was as one moment,” it says with a wide toothy smile.

“Do you think because we’re stuck here together we’re suddenly going to be best friends and have deep and meaningful conversations about life and the complexities of existence then you’ve got another thing coming because the last thing I’ll ever do is sit here and chow down on petty bullshit with you!” He says as he leaps to his feet, clenching his hands into tight fists.

It looks up at him and slowly raises to its feet, staring at him through empty soulless eyes sockets.

“If I cared I’d be hurt, be I expected nothing more than what you have given me, for I am after all just an interpretation of yourself, just a shadow of who you truly ar…”

He swings violently at it with a wild punch which connects powerfully to the side of its distorted skull, but it merely smiles broader.

“Across countless doors. Through endless stars. Written in a billion words, our story is etched far and wide, in a trillion tongues. No petty physical attack will ever be anything more than a wavering attempt at avoiding what you know in your heart to be true, what you know within all that you are to just be.”

“I WILL NEVER BE YOU!” He yell, stamping a foot definitely into the soft black substance that pulsates beneath their feet.

“And I will never be you,” it says with a wry smile slowly growing larger on its face. “Yet here we are in the endless eternal darkness struggling inside the same head, fighting for control.”

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