Who Made Who – Short Story

“Whimsical winds blow patterns through what was with a vibrant display of not only power, but also dedication to a cause long quenched by the disruptive machinations of time. Far be it for me to be the one who tears down the walls of nirvana and charge through into the bloody lands of the forever sleep, but your word have moved me boy. They have moved me in a way that I can’t help but to be wanting of nothing more than the desired result you too want, and end to all this madness,” Saxilplix says as he allows his brow to soften for the first time in what must be an eternity, and smiles. “I see the plan you have, and I also see the flaws,” he raises a hand in defense of his words. “I know you think what do I know about plans faults when all I have ever done has been pulled down by the forces of good. We’ll let me be the first to defend those loses with one question you can all quietly ask yourself. If I was to be easily defeated why am I still standing here? Why is it that I your sworn enemy, the one you have all seeked out to be the savior of your race. Why is it that I am the one you now hold good in? Tell yourself why and then rethink over what I have said,” he says with a smug smile upon his face as he stares into the desperate eyes of those he once called foe.

“B-B-Because without you, there would be no Mangroon. You made the monster who now endangers not only our existence, but the very existence of everything. We pulled you from the ice that has been your tomb because we had hoped you would see the dire situation and do the right thing for once. So don’t play the savior line, it’s unbecoming. Just tell us how we can stop her!” Captain Starpower says as he slams a fist into the table of justice.

Saxilplix’s smile broadens and he begins to laugh, “I hate to burst your bubble my dear captain, but I’m afraid you have your genetics all in a muddle. For you see there is a reason we the creatures of the darkness call Mangroon, mother!”

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  1. James says:

    Yes, there’s always that creator/created duality, especially in the subjective mind. It’s like saying, if no one believed in God, would He still exist? Interesting question.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If we started calling day night, and night day would we be able to convert the world to the change, or would it end up like warring religions?


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