Thrice Upon A Mistake – Short Story

“A facsimile of a lie is what you are Devon! Nothing more or less. Your existence began with a mistake, and so will that be your end!” Silas hisses, passion surging from his words.

“Always you come back to the night you laid with mother. Always the same shit flows from within your failing husk. Throw away these words father. Embrace a new way of thinking, and come with me to a world twisted to unyielding power that burns within our lineage. Turn this mistake, into an unquestionable release of the real truth!”

“I’d rather burn at the stake than to cast my all in with you. I thought I’d made that clear the last time we met!” He hisses as he gestured towards where Devon’s left eye used to sit.

He smiles, “like all good sons, I forgive my father without prejudice. For he is the one who’s seed gave me life.”

“A mirror cracked. Blood splattered across the wall. A world crying out. Seas of fire. These things I give care about that your fate. So go sing me a lullaby. Go break the walls of reality down. Just don’t expect me to be there by your side. Expect me at your throat with a blade pressing against your skin, slowly slicing it open to allow your life-giving blood freedom!”

“And I love you too, father,” Devon says as he spreads his arms and lifts from the ground, the room shakes violently and a volatile vortex of wind pushes itself around the small area. “HOW BITTER AN ENDING YOU MUST NOW FACE. BUT KNOW THIS, IT WAS YOUR DECISION NOT MINE!”

“Thats where you’re wrong, it’s always been headed towards this moment since the day your escaped through your mothers innards. Though your birth was a mistake, it was still for-told in the ancient text of your ancestors, as is your ending.”

“Tell me father, in these so-called ancient texts you speak of, was your ending written as well? Please excuse my abruptness with the question, but I’m asking for a friend,” he says with a wicked smile upon his face.

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