Be Calm And Don’t Wet Your Pants – Short Story

The needle pierces the flesh and the blue liquid forces itself into his body like a powerful tsunami that he has no hope of fighting.

“When you start feeling the drugs take over, blink once so I know you’re ready to proceed,” she says with a smile. His eyes stare attentively at her bright red lips, as they shine in the sparsely lit room.

He slowly blinks once, forcing a tear to run free from his eye and down his face, she pouts as she strokes his face softly.

“It’s okay to be afraid, fear makes us stronger. Fear separates the sheep from the wolves. What are you Douglas, a sheep or a wolf?” She asks as she leans back in her seat and casts a judgmental eyes over him. “I’m going to say by the state of your pants, you are a sheep,” she says clutching the crotch of his pants and squeezing, the sharp smell of urine cuts the air and she smiles as she brings her fingers to her nose and sniffs deeply before sucking the waste fluid from her fingers.

“It’s a nasty habit,” she says blushing, as she sucks each finger of any remaining urine. “But we all have our closet addictions, don’t we?” She says with a smile. He whimpers and she caresses the side of his face again letting out a soft coo as if he were a child and she was his mother, placating his needs of comfort.

“It’s okay, soon you won’t have to ever worry about anything like this happening to you again. Soon, you’ll be free from the pain that has followed you around these past few months, if not years. Soon you will be someone new, while I’ll be still right here doing what I can to make something out of nothing,” she says as she rips her jacket open, allowing her ample breast to bounce free from their bra. She lets out a stuttered breath of ecstasy as she thrusts a hand down her own pants and presses herself against him, licking his face with a well oiled tongue. As she pulls back she leaves a wet shiny path along the side of his face, with a rope of saliva dangling between them.

The rooms lights burst to life and an older gentleman in the doorway clears his throat, “Maddison please get off Mister Stevens, we don’t need a repeat of last week, do we?”

She quickly covers herself up, “Sorry Doctor Watson. Of course not Doctor Watson,” she says red-faced as she rushes from the room.

Doctor Watson rolls his eyes and smiles nervously back towards Douglas, “Now Mister Stevens, shall we get rid of those wisdom teeth?”

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