Short Story

Perplexed Mandates Soaked In Mistakes – Short Story

“It was a good plan. A solid plan, but it was also an obvious plan from the moment it was presented to me and the others,” he says wiping the sweat from his hands as he runs them down his trousers.

“Then why did you let it happen if you knew what was going on?”

“Don’t be a douche Terry, you know why. You’d manipulated everyone else into seeing this as the best possible scenario, what else was I going to do? If I refused I’d look like a dick, and you’d still win. At least coming over as a team we had some sort of hope, we had some sort of survival plan in place. I just didn’t think it would come down to you and me. I’d hope it…..”

“You were hoping he’d be standing beside you, instead of turning his back the way he has, correct?” Terry says with a broad smile.

“No,”  he says leaping to his feet and slapping Terry across the face. “I’D HOPED YOU’D REALISE BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE HOW WRONG YOU ARE ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW!” He screams as he thrusts three powerful punches into Terry’s now bruised and swollen face.

He laughs softly as he spits a wad of saliva and blood to the ground. “I never picked you for the jealous one, but look at you now! How proud as punch you are. Got you feathers all ruffled up and your chest all puffed. What a sight you are, but it’s still not going to be enough. Jealousy never won anybody shit Miley, and it ain’t going to win you shit today,” Terry says as he slowly nods to the darkness of the room, as a spark of electricity erupts, lighting up the four hulking figures momentarily before blanketing the area in darkness once more.

Miley slowly and nervously looks over to Terry, who sits proudly in the chair he tied him to a few moments ago.

“Now, do you care to rethink your strategy?” Terry asks.

“No really,” Miley hisses as he slashes a blade across Terry’s throat and turns to face the darkness. “COME ON!” He screams in defiance.

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