The Sinful Strings Of Fate And Our True Purpose – Short Story

He fumbles frantically with his phone as the silence of the world around him creates an uncomfortable eerily feeling. As the phone tumbles through his fingers and plummets towards the ground music blasts to life in his ears, breaking the silence like a brick through a window.

 “Shit!” He hisses through clenched teeth as he desperately tries to catch the phone mid-air, before it hits the ground and potentially shatters into several unusable pieces. The conversation with the girl at Fone Zone replays itself inside his head, repeatedly replaying the part where he refused the protection plan that would have his phone replaced on the spot if it was brought in damaged due to being dropped.

His fingers brush over the slim-line cover, and he curses himself once more, this time for not taking the extras package that would’ve seen him supplied with a broader cover, with a more protective edge he could’ve grabbed ahold of.

The phone hits the ground and bounces off the footpath, skidding to a stop at the feet of a shadowy figure. He feels a coldness run up his back and dig its way into the base of his skull, swallowing everything and all his is.

“Why?” He whispers, moments turn to seconds with no reply. He casts a vengeful glance up into its empty eyes.

“WHY!” He screams as his hand tightens on the cupboards handle, while the warm sticky wetness of the blood soaks into his socks.

”None of this is happening. It’s only my imagination,” Marty says as he closes his eyes tightly while still clutching the cupboards handle. “I’ll wake up and everything will be like it’s supposed to be, and that thing won’t be re…” his words stop before they can all escape his mouth, and he stands in silence once more while tears begin to gently running down his face as the stench of death fills his nostrils as it flows from the creatures cold dead mouth and onto the back of his neck.

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