Like A Mindless Sheep Going To Slaughter – KILLtober Short Story

“I don’t think your assessment is keeping in flux with what is actually wrong with the patient doctor, and that is why I am disagreeing with your diagnosis. There’s no ill gotten means, and I have no desire to see you made a fool of. All I want is the poor sod who’s lying on the bed in front of us to get the right treatment they need,” Jessika sternly snaps at Claude quickly, her voice almost void of emotion.

”BULLSHIT!” Claude fires back. “We’ve done this dance our whole lives Norma-Jean, and I’m so FUCKING tired of it! Everything I’ve ever truly done well at, has caused you  nothing but disgust!” He bellows as slithers of saliva explode from his mouth with gusto. “All I’ve ever wanted was for you to just leave me the fuck alone, to allow me one FUCKING THING to call my own. But NO, that’s not in your wheel house now is it Jessika?”

”Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little bit? This isn’t about a toy car or some cheap skirt who tried to get in-between what we have. This is about someone’s life, not you and me!”

”How many times have I told you that there is no me and you! Can’t you just leave me be? Can’t you just go live your own life far from me?” He bellows loudly, throwing his arm around as if he was a wacky waving inflatable tube man.

She allows her eyes to roll before gripping him by the shoulders and pressing firmly down upon them.

”Claude, my sweet. There is nothing I’d rather do than go off into this so called world of yours and love my own life, but I can’t. I tried it for a month back in twenty-eleven if you remember, and it was terrible for us both. The late nights. The travelling. The absolute sadness of it all. No Claude, I think this is our perfect form. The way we have always been, the mortar to the others brick. The typewriter to the others Jessica Fletcher. The Mack to the others Fleetwood. What I’m saying my perfect brother, my soul mate, we are the way we are meant to be.” She says proudly as she releases her grip and smiles a wide grin.

Claude lets out a fatigued sigh and scratches his head, “Maybe you’re right about Mister Watts,” he says softly as he picks up the chat and flicks through it once more.

”That’s the spirit,” she says as she punches him in the arm.

”Cut it out!” Claude says as he gives Jessika a stern look before turning his attention back to Mister Watts. “Sorry, you know how family can be,” he says jokingly.

Mister Watts stares at him bewildering, and then around the empty room before settling his gaze back on Claude.

”Wh-Wh-Who are you a-a-again?” Mister Watts asks nervously.

Claude smiles softly, “Doctor Chambers, I’m the one who’s going to be preforming your heart transplant.”


”We are the doctor’s here Mister Watts, and my sister Jessika has told me you need a heart transplant as soon as possible and lucky for you,” Claude says proudly as he holds up a bloody scalpel in one hand and a mangled human heart in another. “I’ve got a heart ready to go, so there can be no delay. Not when your life depends on it!”

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