You Don’t Need To Be That Girl – KILLtober Short Story

He squeezes his hand tightly over her mouth as their eyes wide with fear follow the things as they move quickly through the adjacent hallway. He can feel her heart pump powerfully in her chest as the bodies of the destitute bang against the doorway like a sea of unstoppable water.

After what seems like an eternity the hallway finally begins to grow silent and with the silence comes an ease to their panic, gently he allows his grip to be released from her mouth.

For a few minutes they stay there motionless, neither operating on enough upstairs to put the words or movement together, for there are no words or movements that can articulate what needs to be said or done.

“D-D-D-Do you think that’s all of them?” She asks quietly.

“How would you define ‘all of them’ so I can give you an answer that fits the question.”

“DON’T DO THIS NOW!” She hisses under her breath.

“Don’t do what? You asked a very blasé question, and I just wanted clarification on what exactly you were asking.”

“Stop it!” She hisses, raising her voice.

“I’m NOT doing anything, you’re the one mak…” He stops in his tracks, and both of them turn white with fear as an inhuman scream fills the hallway. They share a look of frustration with each other before pressing themselves up against the wall.

“Do you th…” He puts his hand to her mouth again and furrows his brow with concern, then holds a finger to his lips. The hallway explodes with bodies once more as the herd charges through like a wrecking ball. The walls shake with the carnage, and then once more subside.

They stand in silence once more, staring at each other silently conversing through their eyes. Finally he nods and release her once more, and she lets out a deep sigh.

“Can we just get out of here, whatever we came here for is long gone,” she whispers, not taking her eyes from his.

“What we came her for, was for you, not me. So don’t suddenly turn around and make it look like I’m in control of all this shit. You said we needed to come here, and I tried to talk you out o..” She holds up a hand in frustration, rolling her eyes.

“Alright, you don’t need to read me the riot act. Yes it was my decision to come here, and yes you were right and I was wrong, but can we play the blame game after we’re safe and sound back home.”

“This isn’t a case of who’s to blame Beth, this is a point about survival. You don’t know what you’re going to tread on out here, and by not knowing you could kill everyone just because you wanted to risk your life over some piece of jewellery. Well let me tell you,” He says, holding up a necklace. “Jewellery ain’t worth shit, and if you want to risk your life for it, go ahead!” He says as he opens the door and throws the necklace in the hallway, then slams it shut again.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MINE! I EARNED IT THROUGH ALL THE SHIT THAT OLD CUNT MADE ME DO! IT WAS MINE! IT WAS MINE!” She screams as she pulls the door open, at the same time the hallway ignites with vibrations. She darts a look towards Steve who quickly scrambles back up into the roof, then looks back towards the necklace that sits a few feet from her grasp in the hallway.

“BETH!” Steve calls from behind her, holding a hand out to help her up. “Forget the past, and move forward with me! Make a choice!”

“I don’t have one, to make” she says softly as she rushes into the hallway, and into the herd.

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