Let Me Ride Upon A Silver Daggers Edge – KILLtober Short Story

“I know it’s a long shot, but what else do I have?” Derek says as he turns the key, bringing the engine to like with a snarl.

“You realise what it’ll cost you, regardless of the outcome?”

“It’s not my fate that matters anymore, it’s hers,” he says looking up at him, tears in his eyes. “Sometimes you never know what someone means to you until you’re faced with the big white hot question. I love her man. Fuck, I always have. She’s the it to my be, and I’d risk everything I have for her. Fuck man, look at me telling the truth for once,” he says with a jovial laugh and awkward smile.

“It’s a shame you can’t be rewarded for this display of passion.”

“You could change that,” he answer quickly through trembling lips, their eyes touch for a second before he tears his gaze away.

“Well played,” he says deeply, with a wide smile. “You almost had me, hook line and sinker. But right at the end, right at the very fucking end you lost me. It’s been a long while since a meat sack has played me for a fool, so take that to your grave when I feast upon all you ever were and could be.”

“I’m still going to win, he’ll come take me. My death will be righteous and true, it’ll wipe my soul clean of any sin and he’ll stop you from your demented feast!” Derek screams as he pushes the accelerator to the floor and the car leaps forward like a knife thrust at its foe. He takes corners with grand style, sliding the car left and right with ease. The smile grows on his face, as does his eyes wide.

“There’s no tomorrow. There’s no yesterday. There’s only today, and today’s just fine for me!” He screams as the car tears through the mucous like tissue and births itself into the hive of the dark queen. He bends the car around corners as if the car was made of rubber, spiralling down corridors, twisting his way down towards her sanctuary. Drones throws themselves at the metal beast, only to become big like smears across it’s mighty flesh. Onwards and downwards he goes, until after what seems like an eternity of driving he reaches her chamber. She stands defiant before he throne of digested males, her eggs glowing inside there lifeless husks. He turns the engine over, revving it in anticipation.


He revs the engine again, sneering towards her. “I don’t give a good god damn fuck about your hive bitch! I’m here for one thing, and one thing only, YOU!”

She laughs as darkness begins to swallow the room, he spies from all corners of her visceral throne room thousands of her drones closing into towards him. He thrusts his foot down and the back wheels skid behind him like a fishes tail.

He pulls down the sun-visor and stares at her smile, how it used to be and the looks towards her malformed, diseased form and lets the tears run free.

“I’ll always love you,” he whispers as he takes his foot off the break and thrusts forward like a bullet, as he hits her he slams his fist down upon the detonator…

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