Wipe Away Your Tears – 100 Word Microfiction Short Story

I entered a short story competition that required me to write a 1000 word short story in 48 hours. The story needed to meet three things, a genre (Crime Caper), a location (A shrine) and an object (A cash register). It took me a while to find the right idea and to get it to work in a way I was happy with. But like the last time I entered something similar, I enjoyed the desire to find the story that sparked the right way for me. So, for the sake of creativity, here is 1 of the 24 rejected stories in a 100 word format..


Wipe Away Your Tears

He stares at the blood as it slowly grows beneath him, and then up into her eyes, as they stare coldly towards him through the wisps of smoke that drift up from the revolver’s barrel.

“A-A-A-A plan expertly performed,” he stammers weakly as he falls to his knees, and the cash register falls from his grip and crashes to the floor between them.

“Sometimes we are but the tools to another’s desires, for you to see that you just need to remove yourself from the picture. There was never anything personal about it, you just served a purpose,” She says.

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