An Uncalled For Surprise – 100 Word Microfiction Short Story

I entered a short story competition that required me to write a 1000 word short story in 48 hours. The story needed to meet three things, a genre (Crime Caper), a location (A shrine) and an object (A cash register). It took me a while to find the right idea and to get it to work in a way I was happy with. But like the last time I entered something similar, I enjoyed the desire to find the story that sparked the right way for me. So, for the sake of creativity, here is 1 of the 24 rejected stories in a 100 word format..


An Uncalled For Surprise

“AND I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Gavin yells as he thrusts the revolver forward.

When the bullet explodes out of the barrel with a fiery vengeance, no one is more surprised that Gavin, that is until the bullet strikes Carter in the center of his head.

“I-I-I-I, I didn’t mean to,” he says, as his bottom lip trembles, and he casts a fevered glance over to Michael.

“W-W-What the fuck man! W-W-W-What the FUCK DID YOU DO!” Michael stammers as he drops the cash registers draw to the floor, and the coins explode upward and scatter across the tiles.

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