Perchance Upon A Broken Mirror – Microfiction Short Story

Perchance Upon A Broken Mirror

Steven comes to a complete stop and swallows a staggered breath that burns his throat as he forces it down. Slowly his eyes cross over each other then stares nervously towards the darkness that creep behind him. At first nothing more than the darkness that hold a tight grip over the world beyond him, but the longer he stares the more structure is drawn from our of the darkness, until the abstract shape of a figure is revealed. He feels the urine escape his bladder and run down his leg quickly, as does the uncontrollable trembling of his lower lip. He squeezes his eyes tightly closed, “W-W-What the F-FUCK i-is that!” he mumbles under his breath, before tearing his eyes open once again.

He lets out a cry more suited to that of a pre-teen girl, than a man in his late thirties. Before him stands a man almost eight feet tall, and as thin as a telephone pole. He stares at Steven with an empty gaze, while a thick gooey substance that looks more like slime than saliva.  

“Hello Steeveen,” he says with a mundane smile drawing back across his face to reveal a mouthful of rotten teeth. He pushes his hands together, and dances each finger across the last. “I’ve been looking for you.”

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