Sandford Schism – Microfiction Short Story

Sandford Schism 

The smoke clears and Kyle sways back and forth with an empty expression across his face, and as he locks eyes with Whelimena his mouth drops slowly open as if he was preparing to say something, but as time continues forward no words come. This goes on for several silent moments, as they stand together in this symbiotic stance, then his eyes roll up into the back of his head and he falls forward into a motionless heap.

She turns with a grin wide across her face and winks playfully at Danny and Michelle.

“For a mirror and his fool shall soon be parted when the devil in red shoes comes to call ok their collections.” she sings with seductive overtones playfully dancing within her words.

“Y-Y-You can’t b-believe what y-you did was r-right! I-It wasn’t at all what w-was asked,” Michelle stammers, quickly Whelimena is at her side, a sneer twisted across her lips.

“I can only do what is asked, and his words were clear. DO YOU, think you have the right words to make me do what you wish?” she snarls.

Michelle looks over to Danny with a horrified look upon her face, then back to Whelimena, “B-B-But aren’t y-you supposed to g-grant three?”

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