It Started Without A Bang – Microfiction Short Story

It Started Without A Bang

The flames shoot high into the air, and Michael smiles like a fucking idiot. He turns and looks at me, and winks before blowing me a kiss. It all happened before I realised it was happening, my left fist was meeting with his teeth and my right was squeezing his tiny fucking knob.

The first bullet scraped the side of my scone, while the next two firmly played themselves into my side, one expertly exploding my kidney like a fucking water ballon.

The ground was my friend way sooner than I had expected it to be quickly followed by a void of nothing. I stood around, naked and alone, fuck the world had suddenly turned into a normal Friday night.

Just as I was starting to get the groove of this new world some weird piece of shit started coming up out of the ground, spooked the absolute shit out of me. The latex like floor grabbed whatever was beneath it, and the thing turned into a chick with all the right curves in all the wrong places. She strutted her way towards my naked arse, not a eye or other distinguishable facial features. I caught a breath as she raised a delicately weapon like arm my way just as a warmth of something completely unexpected washed over me and I found myself strapped to a fucking chair, and then pain exploded across every inch of what I am as a spark ignited.

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