Return Me Home – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“I wanted you to know that there was nothing personal about what I have done today, or in the days before today. We are all lost, filtering through the cosmos like a speck of dust caught in solar winds.” he almost sings from his blood drenched lips as he looks up into the sky above them, allowing the magnificences of space to untether him from the earthly plain he finds himself standing on. A smile broadly tears itself across his face and the sky above, as he shoots ever upwards, gaining speeds faster than light.

Glorious clusters of gaseous stars spiral around him, as if preforming a dance, and he can but only reciprocate, gyrating left, then right, a left again as he stretches his arms wide, grabbing handful’s of space dust. Playfully he cups his hands before him and blows the dust back into the space from where it came, then he looks back down to Ander, who sucks in breath after desperate breath, his face filled with hate.

The smile drops from his lips, and he frowns like a circus clown would when trying desperately to get the audience to believe its feelings had been hurt. But like the children who cry back at the clown in a decisive unison, Ander is not easily taken in…..

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