Fear Of Context – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“It’s FARKING stark, that’s what it is, and nothing any of you PRICKS can say will change my FUCKING mind about it!” Shaun spits venomously as he holds the blood drenched knife out towards them in a shaking hand.

Theodore smiles broadly and raises his hands into the air, while a sea of red continues to grow from his stomach. “Such a violin playing moment,” he says in obvious jest as he looks around at the others, then back to Shaun. “It would break my heart not to have one, if I had one that is.”

“W-What?” Shaun stammers as he shakes his head in a moment of confusion. “D-Do you mean it b-breaks your h-heart not h-having a violin or that y-you don’t h-have a heart?”

Theodore shrugs his shoulders and smiles wryly. “Does it matter which, for they both lead to the same ending.”

“OF COURSE IT FUCKING MATTERS!” Shaun snaps with renewed vigour, darting the knife towards them aggressively once more. “CONTEX ALWAYS MATTERS!”

“And that is why you’ll die, and I will continue, for I see the bigger picture while you are focused on the miniature and meaningless.”….

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