5 Minute Horror Story – A Meal Of A Story – The Second Short Story From 2020 Book One

Samantha feels the blade rip into her side before she sees it, the pain overtaking all and everything. Conner is suddenly beside her, licking her face as if it was a lollipop, then twists the knifes blade as he giggles like a child.

“Peter, Peter, what a cunt, I cut him up and served him to his family at his wake. I then proceeded to fuck his grieving wife and daughter, together. You should’ve seen how scarred they became when the drugs wore off and I told them about their meal. It broke what was already broken, in ways you could not see. His daughter slit her wrists on three different occasions, the third resulted in her death. While old mother dearest, she’s in Bayview, watching the sun rise from a seat that has her name permanently carved into it.” he sucks in a stuttered breath and smiles, wiping the saliva from his chin with a bloody cloth. “Do you remember Peter, Samantha? Do you remember the taste of his cock? Do you remember what it felt like when he was busting his nut inside your overused whore hole?”

“F-FUCK YOU!” she growls as she spits a mouthful of bloody saliva in his face. He grins broadly as he gently wipes the spit away.

“I’ll take that as an unquestionable yes?”


He laughs jovially, then presses himself against her. “Can you feel it? Can you feel my cock hardening? Can you feel it? Please tell me you can, for it is getting hard just for you.”

“You’re disgusting!” she hisses through clenched teeth.

He smiles and bites down on her ear, then tears it from the side of her head, and spits it to the floor. “We haven’t even begun to delve into how disgusting I can be. But don’t worry your sweet head about it, for we will sink our teeth into all the depravities I desire.”

“I’ll give you no joy, I’ll make no sound. Whatever you do will be worthless, as I’ll be no soundboard of pain. So go ahead, and do what you want to my flesh, it’s my spirit that is stronger than you’ll ever be!” she says proudly, he twists the knife again and she sucks in a stuttered breath, gritting her teeth in defiance. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her head to the side biting down on her throat, ripping a chunk of flesh from it with dramatic flair. Blood oozes from the crevice, then begins spraying like an out of control fire hose, saturating his face and hers.

He laughs like a hysterical hyena as he squeezes her closer once more. “Can you feel your life draining? Can you feel the end? Know, that while you’re enjoying all the endless skipping heaven can bring you, I’ll be defiling your remains for as long as I can. For in death you may be free, but your body never will be.” he hisses.

She desperately struggles to find words, to find something, but all she can do is stare with wide eyes full of terror as the darkness drags her down.


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Before you lies a piece of a puzzle far grander than you could ever know or imagine. For scrawled in blood upon the pages hidden within the above tome is stories twisted twenty in all, soaked in the embers of my insanity. Five minutes to glimpse inside the eyes of someone new, five minutes to answer, five minutes to sin, five minutes to do almost anything. A god, a demon, a harlot, a whore. A fascist, a killer, a sinner, a door. Death and division, humanity askew. A belfry of bats, a sea of black cats, so many moments out there to see, so many things you could see with me. So take a seat beside me and call it voodoo, because now you ride with me too…

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