Green Waters Not Cursed – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The green tinged water gently laps at the bath’s sides as he casually repositions his frail form for the fifth or possibly sixth time in as many minutes. An exasperated breath of air escapes Julian’s lips like a long gust of wind, that comes to an eventual stuttered end. He sucks in the next breath and the sound of loosened mucus tearing itself free from the inner linings of his throat fill the air, before it cascades down into his awaiting stomach. He coughs violently as he displays a scenery chewing display of overacting, before he squeezes his throat tightly shut as he tries to draw more mucus from within, then swallows again, using the fresh wads to flush the stuck particles into his belly.

He hisses with a heightened awe of pride, allowing a smirk to ride itself across his lips as he looks casually up from his phone, and into the wide eyes of a bodiless entity that stares hastily back at him from the other end of the bath.

His smile quickly fade as his mouth drops open and his phone slips from his hands and into the baths water below.

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