A Key Of A Chance – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“There was a brief moment, as her stomach opened and you fell out, that I felt at one with whatever was this place was to be, of course that all changed as you grew, for it became apparent that the Ill-fated scripture was true, and you were destined for things far grander than that of a simple carpenter,” Joshua says through trembling lips, as a sea of sweat cascade down his brow.

James’s lip curls as a deep seeded growl emanates from his stomach and bounces its way up and out his mouth. “YOU BETRAYED ME BECAUSE YOU READ THE WORDS OF A LONG DEAD RACE AND TOOK THEM FOR FACT! DID YOU EVEN BOTHER TO READ THEIR OTHER PROPHESIES? DID YOU EVEN ALLOW YOUR EYES TO SEE THE MADNESS YOUR ACTIONS HAVE OUT IN MOTION? DID YOU EVEN STOP AND THINK BUT ONCE?” he spit as he awkwardly gets to his feet and stares deathly at the man he once called father.

Joshua presses his lips together before slowly closing his eyes shut while he takes three gentle breaths, then he opens them again and smiles broadly. “I read every single one of their deplorable predictions. I waded through tome after tome of their worthless books, hoping to find something that would question my need for answers, but all I found was more questions without answers. So, I turned my concentration back upon the only answer I had been given, the only key I knew was within my grasp,” he says as he nods towards James with a bemused some now upon his lips.


“You BOY! you’re the FUCKING key!”.

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