To Recall Thy Seed – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…His father smiles wryly, screwing up his nose as he does. “Look at how much of a man you’ve become, you make me so proud!”

Foster levels him with a devastating left and thrusts a finger into his face as a sea of hate swells through him. “You don’t get to own THAT! You don’t get to be proud of ME! The collection of Funk and Wagnells encyclopedias Mum got me when I was five taught me more than you ever did! THEY SHOULD BE PROUD OF THE MAN I’VE BECOME, NOT YOU!” Foster spits venomously into his father’s broken face, as he balls his hands up into pulsating fists. “As far as I’M concerned, you we’re only a sperm donor who happened to live in the same house I grew up in! You never loved me, and you certainly never loved MUM! So why are you here, and what the FUCK do you want!”

“I want what was donated!” he hisses through bloody teeth. “I want my seed back, and you to be no more!”

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